What is CRM Software

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a technology that is used for managing the company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers.  The aim of CRM is to improve business relationships.

CRM software is commonly used to manage a business-customer relationship. While it is also used in the same way to manage business contacts, employees, clients, contract wins and sales leads.

Features of CRM

  1. Contact management
  2. Account management
  3. Appointment management
  4. Lead Management
  5. Sales Process Automation
  6. Campaign Management
  7. Customer Segmentation
  8. Service Automation

Contact Management:-  It helps businesses to collect and organize customer data efficiently. It is used to track leads as it progresses through the sales pipeline and make the first purchase. Also, It manages customer profiles, relationships and communication history. CRM is used to give a complete picture of all customers.

Account Management:- It is used to capture and organize company or household information and manages the relationship.

Lead Management:– When the business does not nurture contacts or accounts properly, it will lose selling opportunity. Lead Management enables businesses to manage and monitor sales funnel and provides necessary info to complete the sales process.

Appointment management:- If any of the customers are trying to fix an appointment with you then CRM will automatically fix an appointment and a lot a representative towards the customers. 

Sales Process Automation:- This automation is one of the most important CRM features which automates and streamlines various sales functionalities to standardize business processes. Basically It is used to reduce human error and makes sales cycle shorter and improves lead to customer conversion ratio.

Campaign Management:- It plays an important role in any business. A marketing campaign is a very first step to reach potential customers with products and services. It will reduce campaign cost, analyzes campaign data and forecasts future marketing strategy.

Customer Segmentation:- Without proper customer segmentation, campaigning will never give you expected results So you need proper customer segmentation before executing any campaign. CRM is used to capture and analyze customer data coming from various sources. Further which divides customers into groups that share similar characteristics.

Service Automation:-Poor customer service is the main reason behind customer attrition. As per our research, 65% of consumers switch brands because of poor service.

How To Use CRM?

Login CRM  by using your Username & Password.

Dashboard:- After that Go on Dashboard, From where you can check your customers summary, SMS Credit, Campaign and Subscription. 

Features of Different types of tabs on CRM are described below:-

Add Customer:- Every Time when a customer will visit you have to Add Customer by using:-

  • Add Customer tab
  • Fill the Mobile Number
  • Enter the data of customer
  • Next Time just enter the number and all data will be fetched.
  • Don’t forget to enter if a customer purchase or just inquiry

Customer Tab:- In Customer Tab, you can view all customers, edit customers, send a message individually, check transactions of the customer and delete the customer.

  • Import Customer:- Download sample CSV file and import your customer data 
  • Export Customer:- You can download your customer data in CSV, excel, pdf and print data
  • Customer Group:- You can create multiple customer groups like prime customers etc. 

Campaign Tab:-  

  • Ad Campaign – You can create multiple campaigns for sending SMS in bulk
  • All Campaign – It will show All Campaign so that you can edit the campaign, delete campaign or run campaign immediately.

Loyalty Points Tab:-

It contains loyalty, view loyalty points, and loyalty settings.

  • Loyalty Settings:- You can set up your loyalty program and you can set 1 loyalty point = __ Rupees.
  • Loyalty:-You can send SMS individually.
  • Loyalty points:- You can check your customer Points by using this tab.

Birthday & Anniversary:-

By using Birthday you can view all customer birthday If Customer data have a birthday than auto-send birthday wishes or you can send birthday wishes.

Manually This same thing happens with the Anniversary section.

By using Whatsapp message you can send WhatsApp message to any customer or you can send WhatsApp message in bulk

Note – Whatsapp can take time to set up after installation.

Regain Lost Business:- 

It will show data that the customer  has not visited your store for a long time. By using this section you can check customer visit date or you can send SMS individually or in bulk using the campaign section.

Feedback Section:–

It shows your customer feedback and it depends on what you set in feedback settings. If you set feedback on the first visit then feedback SMS will be sent to the customer only in the first visit but If you set feedback on every time than the Customer will get feedback link every time.

SMS Credit:-

You can check your SMS credit or send the request to increase the limit.

You can add your store or business services that you want to provide to your customers. You can check all services from CRM.

You can create your package by using add package and You can set multiple services inside one package and with multiple quantities.

Sell Package:– You can sell your package from here.

All Package:– From here You can view all your packages

Redeem Package:– Once you sell the package to any customer than you can ask for the mobile number once you enter customer’s mobile number than customer get OTP after entering OTP – Redeem packages

Packages Report:– Check Package all reports


  • Manage Profile
  • Create/Manage Sub User
  • Create/ Manage Roles (Sub User’s)
  • Check Transaction Invoices
  • setup feedback settings
  •  Manage SMS Content