Trends That Ruled Web Development Domain This Year

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The Growing web world has almost 2 Billion websites and less than 200 million active websites to date. In this list, hundreds of thousands of new websites are added to make more tough competition every day. For making your website attractive you need to implement innovative ideas and follow development trends.

 Web developers keep future trends in mind while developing an enterprise-grade website. These are the most precise web development trends this year.

Voice Search Optimization

Nowadays Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant have started replacing text-based search functionality. Voice search has become a major trend BY influencing major search engines worldwide. As in the future, we will see development in voice search optimization.

When it comes to the web development domain then the voice search feature can enhance the mobile responsiveness of your business website. According to Google’s research, around 20 percent of mobile searches are based on voice.

Static Website Generators

If there is a requirement of developing a static website with simple texts then web developers use static website generators. They enable them to create static websites with user-friendly functionality such as faster loading, better security, and effective traffic management. It’s not easy to make static websites by using these generators.

These types of websites are less interactive but as the technology evolves, the static website generators will also improve to provide a rich and better user experience in static websites. 


For building a website, both web design and development are playing an equal role.  Illustrations are actually designed concepts for making websites more user-friendly and interactive. Web developers stay updated with the design trend.

Illustrations can convey the message more effectively and minimize the use of text and also makes your website more appealing and interesting. It is the most important web development and design trends these days.

 Accelerated Mobile Pages

The responsive web design has started when Google has started giving more importance to mobile-friendly websites. The google-sponsored open-source project has gained ground with the support of Bing, Pinterest, and Twitter. 

 Accelerated Mobile Pages is designed to enhance the overall performance of web content and ads. While it also improves website speed and user experience and works seamlessly.   


Cybersecurity is one of the most important web development trends because of the growing incidences of data breaches and other cybercrimes. This is very important to protect the data especially for IT professionals and entrepreneurs alike. Most of the organizations give the top priority to cybersecurity.

Securing corporate data is a difficult task but we can expect significant development on this front in a short time. 


JavaScript frameworks is a preferred choice for web developers. It facilitates developers to build clean, robust, and more responsive websites because of the closures and callbacks features of this reliable framework. JavaScript-based frameworks or platforms are going to drive web development.

Browser Extensions 

Google Chrome extensions is in demand these days. The extensions are used to make your life easier. As people have started considering browser extensions as a threat to their privacy and these extensions can read a lot of online activities of the user with the help of various permissions. 

Single Page Applications

Facebook, Gmail, and Github are the best examples of Single-Page Applications. It is used to eliminate the requirement of reloading the web page when in use by loading all the content through JavaScript. They used to work inside the browser and show natural behavior. Users like it because SPAs do not need additional waiting time, and directly render the web pages in the user’s browser.